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Why choose our skis?

Our skis are designed by professional design engineers, avid snowboarders and above all parents . If you want to walk with your stroller or child transportation system on the snow, our SKIS WILL WORK. Our new RX1 ski is designed predominantly for full size strollers, jogging strollers and  chariots. Our skis will enable your stroller to float on the snow without sinking and becoming useless due to their awesome size. The skis are lightweight and low profile, and conveniently fit into their custom carry bags, so they are easy to carry over your shoulder or over the back of your stroller without be cumbersome when not in use. The carry bag is also water resistant which is great for preventing puddles of melting snow in your vehicle or property, or leaving water trails around the shopping malls!



Here are a couple of pictures from our outing at Christmas to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park snowshoeing with your skis on the stroller. Granddaughter was 6 months old. She slept like a baby of course, for 2 hours while we did the Penstock Loop. Layers of MEC wool, polar fleece and snowsuit kept her warm enough even though temperatures were -15ish that day. The skis worked just perfect.




I just got our set of Polar Stroller skis this afternoon and within ten minutes had hit the frozen park with my daughter and my own pair of snowshoes. I had a great walk, loved the skis, and my daughter had a wonderful nap! The skis cut through the deep powder and followed the ups and downs of the snow-mounds with ease. Awesome design and fantastic results. Works great on the Bob Revolution SE and install was a breeze! perfect.


Stroller Skis Kananaskis

Our Inspiration

We founded our business in December 2013, after a month of trying to push and pull an all terrain stroller through the snow. Once the trails and pathways became compress snow, the ride was also extremely bumpy, causing concern. Being avid outdoors parents, who love the healthy benefits of being outside and staying active with our child, we began to develop a way to make this possible and more enjoyable. Glenn, a design engineer, went to his drawing board.

We wanted to be able to use our regular stroller to stay active during the long winter months and explore this winter wonderland we live in. There are so many different pieces of equipment you can have for a child, we didn’t want another big, bulky, expensive piece of kit. We had bought a good stroller and wanted our child to stay safe, warm and comfortable inside it. After several prototypes we came up with skis that attach onto the existing stroller wheels. The skis attracted a lot of attention and interest when out and about and everyone said, “You should go on Dragons den”. As a "momnprenuer", I decided to go into production and launch Polar Stroller instead.