Polar Stroller Technology & Tips

Polar Stroller Skis in Deep Snow

New RX1 Model Stroller Ski

New features added to our RX1 model skis:-

  1. 150% larger to give more float in fresh and deeper snow.
  2. A twin tip designed ski for improved maneuverability when turning and to allow the stroller to rock backward and forward.
  3. New wheel bracket design with the same simple to use features.

Quite simply "big is better", our skis are designed to perform in just about all types of snow and conditions. We do 100's of km a year testing our skis on trails ranging from snowshoe expeditions in 8" fresh snow to compact ice rutted pathways and we have never been stuck yet.


Please note, our skis are too long to be used with any umbrella style strollers.



All the components that are used are made from corrosion resistant materials and are carefully selected for their functionality in use.

We don't use any water absorbing materials like fabrics that get soaking wet and dirty. We use PVC coated aircraft wire to hold the wheel to the bracket that it is easy to wipe clean and won't get your hands or gloves dirty and wet when attaching or removing the ski.

The skis are made from ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) due to its rigidity and resistance to impact properties. The high visibility color is for the safety of other pedestrians using snow covered walkways.

The low profile wheel brackets are fabricated from aluminum alloy, which is a very lightweight and strong material.



Carry Bag

Our carry bags are custom made and very stylish designed to hold the skis while not in use. The shoulder strap can also be used to conveniently hang over the handle bar of your stroller (if safe to do so with your stroller make).

The bags are made from strong 600D material that is waterproof lined, so that after use use you can transport or store your skis without having to worry about leaving puddles from melting snow in you vehicles or property.

We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and quality and we are our own biggest critic and user of our product. We think that we have produced a complete stroller skiĀ  kit that is a must have accessory for anyone that intends to spend outdoor time during the snow covered months in winter with their little ones.