Enjoy Staying Active Once The Snow Flies

  • Change the functionality of your stroller or bike trailer into a First Class all year round sleigh.
  • Glide over the bumps and though the snow, giving your child a smooth ride.
  • Reap the proven benefits of daily outdoor exercise. Great for both the mental and physical health or parent and child.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of winter walks and the unique beauty it brings. Perfect for afternoon nap times!
Ice Caves with Polar Stroller
Toboggaining with Polar Stroller

Visit the Toboggan Hill or Dog Park

  • Invite your friends to join you for walks on beautiful winter days.
  • Visit the dog park and let your dog and have fun.
  • Enjoy the many snowshoe trails we have in this winter wonderland.
  • Great ergonomics, using your strong leg and back muscles and body weigh to push the stroller.
  • Give your child a smooth, comfortable ride in the warmth and safety of their stroller.

Fat-Bike with your Child in Tow.

  • Love to Fat-bike, then take your little one with you and explore the endless trails.
  • Strap one of our bike trailer skis onto your Weehoo type bike trailer or Chariot and there is no limit to where you can explore.
Fatbiking with Polar Stroller