Polar Stroller

Skis for Strollers & Chariots

Polar Stroller

Skis for Strollers & Chariots

Our skis are designed by professional engineers, avid snowboarders and above all parents . If you want to walk with your stroller or child transportation system on the snow, our SKIS WILL WORK. With our unique quick release and attachment mechanism, you can turn your stroller into a sleigh, with a click and away.

Limited Edition RX1 Stroller Ski


  • Bigger skis, 71cm x 7.5cm, for better float in snow.
  • Twin tips for improved maneuverability.
  • Interchangeable between strollers, from 4" - 21" wheel size.
  • Extremely quick and easy to fit and remove to your existing stroller wheels. No tools needed!
  • Designed and made with materials to withstand even the harshest Canadian winter.
  • Our skis are unique and solely designed & manufactured by us.


Each Stroller Ski Set includes:

  • Fully assembled skis to fit each of you wheels
  • Custom made carry bag, with handles and shoulder strap
  • Safety leash to attach to your stroller or chariot and to your wrist


  • Want to use your chariot for winter trails and show shoeing, then our chariot ski set is what you are looking for.
  • We have skis for all 3 wheels
  • They attach onto your existing wheels in seconds.
  • No tools required
  • Allow you to use your strong leg and back muscles to push, instead of pulling in a pulk
  • Give your child a super smooth ride
  • When you reach snow cleared pathways, remove your skis in seconds and place them into the custom made carry bag.
Polar Stroller RX1 Skis Fitted to Chariot

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